High Performance Lifting ™



Electric Chain Hoists

Mechanical Load Brake
Weston type, controls load lowering and prevents load drift.  Holds rated load independent of multiple disc motor brake.

Multiple Disc Motor Brake

Heavy duty, direct acting design for positive load spotting and holding.

Ergonomic Designed Push Button Station

Fits operator’s hand for thumb or two-handed operation.  24 Volt Control standard for operator safety.  115 Volt Control available upon request.  NEMA 3R (weather resistant). Constructed of glass-filled nylon for severe impact and chemical/corrosive atmosphere resistance.

Five-Pocket Load Sheave
Increases chain and sheave engagement 25% over hoists with conventional four-pocket sheaves. Provides smoother lifting and reduces chain wear over four-pocket sheaves.

Solid State Starting Switch
Standard on single phase units.  Provides greater reliability and starting consistency than centrifugal switches - fewer components to wear out or fail.

Limit Switches

Adjustable to regulate upper and lower load travel.  Brass nuts standard for improved switch setting and repeatability. Stainless steel limit switch shaft standard.

Chain End Stop Assembly

Fits below dead end link on lifting chain for added measure of safety.

Panel Plate

Provides easy access to controls and motor leads for changing voltage on dual-voltage motors or performing hoist maintenance.  Connection wires are numbered to assist maintenance or repair.

Overload Clutch

Protects hoist, operator, and supporting structures from damaging overloads, chain jamming, and reverse phasing.

Gearing and Transmission
First stage helical gearing on EC small frame; first and third stage helical gearing on EC large frame.  Transmission gears are precision machined of alloy steel and run in oil bath for longer, quieter operation.


Columbus McKinnon is a global leader in providing expertise and training in the proper use and inspection of rigging and overhead lifting equipment. With a range of comprehensive programs and seminars conducted at venues throughout North America, as well as on site at private companies and industries, Columbus McKinnon courses include:

   •   Hoist Maintenance                •   Rigging

   •   Load Securement                  •   Safe Hoisting

   •   Crane & Hoist Inspection    •   Crane Operator Training

   •   Mobile Crane Operator        •   Rigging Gear Inspection

Classes are available at our Niagara Training Center and the state-of-the-art Hoist & Rigging Training Center of Excellence in the Center for Occupational Health and Automobile Manufacturing (COHAM) lab at The Ohio State University. The COHAM lab is a hands-on learning center which allows attendees to understand how to properly use and inspect overhead lifting equipment. This leading edge training program is designed to increase workplace productivity and safety in a ergonomically friendly environment.

In addition to the strong knowledge base exemplified by comprehensive training programs, Columbus McKinnon is one of the only manufacturers supplying complete lifting systems to satisfy unique material handling requirements of users in a variety of environments. From jib cranes and hoists to chain slings, clamps, and related attachments; systems include products that are matched specifically to the lifting needs of the application. Products may also be modified in order to ensure that the proper system is in place for the job.

Whether your needs call for a single CM Bandit hoist or a completely engineered system to outfit your production facility, Columbus McKinnon provides the products and expertise to keep your workforce productive and safe.

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