AG Products: ERVS / HRVS



  • Carbon infused odour treatment system for recirculating, redistributing or exhausting air.
  • Durable galvanized, steel construction.
  • Delhi blowers will not “surge”, “hunt” or “stall.”
  • Ideal for indoor applications.
  • Optional variable pitch motor pulley permits field adjustment (typically + or - 15%) to match air delivery needs.
  • Quiet forward curved blowers operate at 1/2 the RPM of other inline blowers.
  • Advanced high efficiency filter system.
  • Includes modular corrosion resistant canister filters with maximum absorbent media.
  • Licensed Medical Cannabis Producers
  • Commercial HVAC
  • Ventilation
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Construction
  • Wheel Diameters: 12” with other options coming soon
  • CFM: Up to 2000 in a single blower.
  • Constructed from galvanized steel for durability.
  • Forward Curved blowers operate at low RPM for low noise levels.
  • Heavy duty ball bearings suitable for -65º F to +250º F.
  • Saddle type motor mounting platform provides extended belt tension adjustment range on all IDB models.
  • An odour abatement fan for licensed medical cannabis producers.
  • Can be used as exhaust, redistribution or recirculation.
  • As an air moving module for systems built up with other components such as heating/cooling coils.
  • Noise sensitive areas - the low RPM forward curved wheel typically radiates less vibration than higher RPM backward inclined wheel solutions.
SCT-IDB12 with 16 filters shown
SCT-DFRC6ES with 1 filter


  • Reduces odors and controls emissions from greenhouses and other growing applications.  The ambient air is circulated through the activated carbon filter and returned to the greenhouse (scrubbing) or discharged outside (filtering).
  • High efficiency particulate filtration of the 2, 3 & 4- ply panels with superior performance of gas and odor absorption.
  • Utilizes carbon for gaseous pollutant control
  • Various sizes and options available

Good things grow for those who ventilate!

Growers understand the importance of environmental consistency for plant health as well as air movement to foster pollination. Canarm’s complete line of ventilation products are ideal for commercial operations or personal greenhouses and grow ops.

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